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Claudia Jacques
Instructional Design Collaborator

A Brazilian-American interdisciplinary artist, designer, educator and researcher, Claudia Jacques de Moraes Cardoso holds a PhD in Integrative Art with focus on Interactive Art and an MFA in Computer Art (School of Visual Arts, NY). Inspired by Roy Ascott and Søren Brier, she researches space-time experiences in the user-information-interface relationship through the lens of Cybersemiotics. Intersecting art, technology and science, she designs interactive hybrid art and information environments that aim to explore perceptions of space-time and the digital-physical in the pursuit of human consciousness and expansion of human knowledge. She collaborates with many artists exhibiting and presenting both nationally and internationally. She has published in Leonardo, TEKs, Art & Engine, etc., and serves as Editor for Technoetic Arts Journal and  Art+Web Editor for Cybernetics and Human Knowing Journal. Jacques has been collaborating with Victoria Vesna since 2011 and teaches studio, digital and communication arts in New York. Her studio is in Ossining, NY.

Jacques supports ArtSci Now by sharing her pedagogical, technological and skills expertises in developing effective online learning experiences. 

Ph.D., Plymouth University, UK
School of Visual Arts, NYC, USA
“She believed in angels, and, because she believed, they existed”
― Clarice Lispector, The Hour of the Star