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Vibrations Matter Master Course

Duration Time
10 weeks

Once an artist takes on the challenge of making invisible visible or inaudible audible, they are almost immediately thrown into the realm of energy at the edge of art and science. Established art world-- largely based on visual culture--finds it difficult to place this kind of work; and the scientific community--used to working in this realm in a reductionist way--finds it hard to comprehend. Yet the public seems to be drawn to media artwork residing in between, and there seems to be a universal need for connection to the spiritual realm beyond what established religions offer. As many speculative ideas in the West circulate around those of energetic approach to matter in general, particularly body and mind, alternative medicine and other Eastern philosophies are thriving. Exploration and creation of sound art projects that utilize vibrations, noise, and audible and inaudible realms. Sound artists and scientists who work with sound will be visiting the class to share their experiences and involve students in hands-on exercise.
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Please contact Prof. Victoria Vesna if you are interested in joining this class.

Lessons Of Course